The History of 4th Tank Battalion Royal Guard


4th Tank Battalion Royal Guard was originally founded in 1930 from after a transformation from 2nd Tank Battalion in Saraburi. The first commander

ML. Tor Panormwan named the reginment 4th Battalion, and it has been used since then even through multiple relocations. Eventually in 1944 the government shutted down 4th Tank Battalion in Karnchanaburi then later transformed 6th Tank Battalion into 4th. And in 1951 the 4th Battalion was changed again to 7th Battalion. 4th Tank Battalion disappeared.

4th Battalion was re-founded 1973 into a full 2nd Tank Battalion with type M24 tanks from U.S. in Pranakorn province.

The unit was established on the 1st April 1951 from the Royal Thai Army

In 1979 the 4th Tank Battalion was appointed as Royal Guard

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